TW3 Entertainment/TW3 Studios (TW3) has strong relationships with many distributors, studios, networks and new media companies in the entertainment and New Media industry.

Producer Representation

TW3 is representing third party producers who have completed films that are ready for distribution. Some examples of this include: TW3 successfully arranged worldwide distribution (Outside of Australia) for the new Australian theatrical motion picture, “WILLIAM KELLY’s WAR” (Producer: Phil Avalon; Written & Directed by: Geoff Davis), as well as the sale of the entire INTERTROPIC FILMS’ (Phil Avalon) library of 10 renown movies including “LIQUID BRIDGE” and “Summer City” with Mel Gibson in his debut role.

TW3 represented and put together worldwide distribution for the motion picture “The Rest of Us” Directed by award winning film Director Linda Mills.

Other Distribution Information

TW3 Music has produced both music albums and Music videos for several new artists as well as producing new social media promotion.

China and U.S. Co-Productions

TW3 and Tom Walsh are experienced in production and producing in China having structured and launched several co-production ventures with animation, motion picture and television companies in China.

TW3 is currently representing U.S. producers in China for the funding of movie ventures and co-productions as well as advising producers on setting up production pipelines between production teams in the U.S. and China.  Tom Walsh’s personal experience in directing creative teams and a staff of over 250 in both China and Los Angeles during the production of “Dwegons & Leprechauns” gives enormous insight into these types of business relationships. Tom Walsh has flown over 300,000 miles to China on various China-U.S. production activities. HIs business relationships in China are strong, long-term and on-going.