About TW3 Entertainment, TW3 Studios and TW3 Music

TW3 Entertainment, Inc., TW3 Studios, Inc. and TW3 Music. (“TW3” or “Company”) are established entertainment development and production companies/divisions based in Fort Lauderdale Florida and Los Angeles, California.

Award winning Writer-Director-Producer, Tom Walsh founded and established TW3 to focus on creative, original entertainment projects that transport audiences to unique fantasy worlds unlike anything viewers have yet to experience or imagine.

In business for many years, TW3 has successfully created, developed and produced many entertainment projects. TW3 concentrates on three distinct areas of entertainment: Motion Pictures (live action and animation) and Original Series, Virtual Reality (TW3 Studios), and Music (TW3 Music).

Technology is rapidly changing the world. The Motion Picture Production Process is changing as well (“Next-Gen Filmmaking”). There is no need for costly set construction and expensive production.TW3 has developed a slate of Family motion Picture and streaming Original series projects that will utilize a new “Virtual Production Process” where either live action actors or (“Digital Humans”) will be placed in CGI digital environments/fantasy worlds.

In past years, TW3 had been creating, writing, producing, and managing entertainment projects for companies such as EnterAktion Studios, Inc. Most notably, TW3 supervised all production activities for EnterAktion Studios on the computer animation motion picture “Dwegons and Leprechauns” starring academy award winner Melissa Leo released by Vertical Entertainment. TW3 provided the services of Tom Walsh as a Director, Producer and Co-writer of the movie. Tom Walsh supervised and directed creative teams and a staff of over 250 in both China and Los Angeles to complete “Dwegons and Leprechauns” production by establishing a successful movie production pipeline between production teams in the two countries. The fun “Dwegons and Leprechauns” movie continues to be viewed by audiences; having been streamed and featured on such streaming networks as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and recently Peacock.

About Tom Walsh

A graduate of  New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Film School, CEO Tom Walsh is experienced in running entertainment companies and managing productions for all media. He leads the TW3 creative team and is the key creator/co-writer of many of the Company’s projects. His entertainment career has encompassed directing, writing and producing live action and computer animation motion pictures, producing programming for the major TV networks including prime time comedy specials for ABC Television Network, daytime programs for NBC Television Network and other programming with Proctor and Gamble Productions, Time-Life Television, as well as reality programming. Tom Walsh has also produced highly acclaimed video games and is currently Producing and Directing Virtual Reality content/productions.

TW3 Focus

TW3’s Core Business Activities:

TW3 creates entertainment properties from conception through production with its in-house writers, developers, producers, directors and full experienced production team.

  1. Development Activities

In Hollywood, one has always heard the importance of the saying, “CONTENT IS KING” to describe the needed elements for success in the motion picture and television industries. Now, New media companies throughout the world also need endless content for the creation of Virtual Reality, video games, virtual worlds, apps, and social Media, to name a few. China’s unprecedented expansion into the entertainment industry is also increasing the endless demand for content.

TW3 has designed its content for  the worldwide market. TW3 and Tom Walsh have invested many years on the development of new original fantasy worlds, environments, creatures and characters for global audiences to discover.  TW3 and its co-owned ventures have an IP library consisting of:

  • 480 Original Characters and Creatures. They are colorful, fun and original in style and look. Original character-based creative assets provide significant value for entertainment and new media companies and their shareholders by leading to media franchises.
  • 6 New Original Fantasy Worlds with designed environments. The digital elements for these fantasy worlds and environments have been developed from inception for all media (e.g., motion picture, television, online gaming, virtual world, Virtual Reality entertainment /VR Cinema, etc)
  • Completed Screenplays and Treatments. In the” Projects Section” of this website, one can see some of the TW3 motion picture and new media projects ready for immediate production.
  • Virtual Reality Entertainment/VR Movies: Virtual Reality entertainment needs fantastical environments for VR consumers to explore. TW3 is prepared to meet this new need and is actively developing new entertainment content and new fantastical worlds that will provide one with an incredible immersive experience when in a Virtual Reality world. Very few entertainment companies have such an extensive IP library of fantasy worlds and characters like TW3 for this purpose. When you put on a VR headset, TW3 believes you should escape dull reality and enter a world you have never visited. TW3 is the company that specializes in getting you out of our world and in to another fun world…real true escapism…what Virtual Reality entertainment should be! TW3 Studios will take Virtual Reality users to fun worlds that one could only imagine in the past. TW3 has launched TW3 Studios to be a leader of Virtual Reality content.TW3 is producing both fantasy and live- action VR content.
  • Theme Parks:  TW3 is in active discussions using the TW3 IP Library for new theme park ventures especially in China where many theme parks and attractions are being built.  Family theme parks need two essential elements, 1) Original Fun Characters and 2) Original Fantasy Worlds for the kids and adults alike.  TW3 is well positioned to provide these elements to theme park companies.
  1. Production Activities

TW3 is unique as a company having extensive experience in computer animation/digital CGI production, “live-action” production and Virtual Reality production. TW3 is using a new state-of-the-art production process called “Virtual Production” on its new fantasy world motion picture projects. TW3 is also experienced in producing production/projects in the U.S. and China.

  1. Distribution and Producer Representation Activities

TW3 is using its close relationships with distributors to structure distribution deals for completed movies by third party producers and production companies. TW3 activities include: arranging worldwide distribution (Outside of Australia) for the Australian theatrical motion picture, “WILLIAM KELLY’s WAR” (Producer: Phil Avalon; Written & Directed by: Geoff Davis), as well as the sale of the entire INTERTROPIC FILMS’ (Phil Avalon) library of 10 renown movies including “LIQUID BRIDGE” and “Summer City” with Mel Gibson in his debut role and arranging and negotiating worldwide distribution for the motion picture “The Rest of Us” Directed by award winning film Director Linda Mills.

  1. TW3 Music
TW3 also has extensive experience in both music production/recording of songs and music management of recording artists. TW3 has Music Management , Music production and Music Publishing divisions as well as a new music label called “TW3 Music” representing music artists.  TW3 music is concentrating on launching several music artists utilizing the world of Social Media.  Additionally, TW3 Music will create music for entertainment projects and music scores for various productions.