Adriana Stastny
Adriana StastnyAdvisor to TW3-DISTRIBUTION

Adriana Stastny started her producing career with Enteraktion Studios, spearheading various production activities. During her 10 years tenure, Adriana co-wrote the  animated  motion picture  “DWEGONS & LEPRECHAUNS” starring voices of Academy Award winner Melissa Leo, Maggie Wheeler and Joey Vieira, currently in release by VERTICAL ENTERTAINMENT. As a production executive, she oversaw the, the pilots, “KIDSLINE” “THE KERNIES”, “14 Stories”,” WORLD WIDE WEAPON” and “NEWSOES” among many other projects.  

In 2008, Adriana joined LIONSGATE FILMS, carrying the responsibility for rights clearances and sales distribution tracking of more than 18,000 titles. Being involved in international sales, Adriana brings a knowledge how to capitalize on various release windows of motion pictures, most importantly in digital distribution driven by the rapid expansion of international digital markets. During Adriana’s on-going tenure at Lionsgate, she has witnessed the public studio going from $1.7 billion in revenue in 2008 to almost $3.3 billion in 2022. Adriana continues her activities to this day at Lionsgate.

Adriana has enormous insight and expertise on how to best recoup a  movie budget  and film investment  from  the various rights of a motion picture and the timetable for each release window.

Adriana graduated with B.S. in linguistics and international banking from Ludwigs Maximilians University in Munich and is very fluent in 6 languages.