Chavoita LeSane
Chavoita LeSanePresident of ChaVam LLC

Chavoita LeSane is the owner and CEO of ChaVam LLC, a company with over 15 years of experience in the Music, Film and Entertainment Industries. ChaVam Entertainment is a top notch Southeast based promotions, booking and production company. Chavoita has worked very closely with Slip N Slide Records, to help Finance and launch careers of many of their featured artists to reach the level of stardom. Chavoita completed a multi-million dollar book deal with Trident Media Group for Richard Williams, the man responsible for giving the world tennis stars Venus and Serena. Williams’s new biography BLACK AND WHITE: The Way I See It, which Williams co-wrote with renown author Bart Davis, was published and released worldwide via Simon & Schuster. Chavoita has boldly and successfully transitioned from the music world to the literary and film world. Chavoita with the show “Streets Of Compton,” a docu on A&E, “HipHop Life” on Netflix and Amazon, “Evolution of hiphop”also on Netflix. ChaVam Entertainment strives to conqueror Media challenges, discover new and talented musical artists and bands, produce high quality and profitable films and TV shows as well as promote entertaining and exciting night life events. TW3 Entertainment and ChaVam Entertainment are working jointly together on a many new motion picture and Music Ventures.