Ken Schramm
Ken SchrammCMO

Ken Schramm is TW3’s Chief Marketing Officer focusing on long term strategic alliances and corporate activities for TW3’s virtual reality projects. Ken Schramm is a global marketing and public relations professional with over 20 years of executive communications experience having helped announce and launch some of the largest hardware systems and software titles, including: Window’s gaming platform, original Xbox console, PlayStation 3, Alienware, Halo, Half-Life, DirectX and SideWinder among many other international brands.

  • In this last year, Ken Schramm (through the P.R. firm PPR Worldwide in San Francisco, CA) has provided strategic global consumer product communications and events planning to help secure influencer, partnerships and media relations for the Alienware brand (the leading gaming systems owned by Dell). Ken has managed media (consumer, business, gaming), influencer (celebrity to professional gamers) and partner (NVidia, Intel, Valve, Facebook) relationships to leverage their appeal through social media channels, and to announce Alienware initiatives for their product portfolio. Recent initiatives include working with Oculus/Facebook and Valve/HTC for the rollout of the Rift and Vive “Virtual Reality” headsets and the Alienware Alpha and Steam Machines.
  • From 2005 to 2014 Ken worked for Sony Computer Entertainment/Sucker Punch Productions in Seattle, WA handling global marketing, public relations and online efforts for game developer Sucker Punch Productions owned by SCEA. Ken was instrumental in positioning Sucker Punch Productions marketing and PR success to help in the acquisition/sale to Sony Computer Entertainment. Responsible for integrated global communications in concert with SCEA in San Mateo, SCEE in London and SCEJ in Tokyo, Ken was the key strategist, implementing a full marketing, public relations and community campaign, as well as, written content for the PlayStation blog, store and retail marketing copy resulting in sales increase of over 160% for the inFAMOUS franchise.
  • For three years, Ken Schramm as Vice President, Microsoft Games Division (through Edelman Worldwide in Seattle, WA) lead the announcement of the original Xbox console, numerous Xbox third party and first party games including Halo, as well as product launches for the SideWinder and DirectX brands. Ken led the agency team that developed the over-riding communications strategy for Microsoft Games, DirectX and SideWinder brands including division initiatives, and public relations campaigns for the Xbox console.
  • Ken for 2 years led the Sierra On-Line public relations department during the time it was the nation’s largest in-house developer of computer entertainment software. He developed the overall portfolio announcement strategy and directed individual launches on several award winning AAA titles including Half Life. Ken managed corporate, product and event public relations for over eighty consumer entertainment and productivity titles per year.
  • Ken spent 3 years as a Marketing Consultant at Adhesive Media leading Microsoft DirectX and SideWinder brands in the creation and execution of yearly product marketing communication. In addition, 4 years as Director of Consumer Products at Baker Winokur Ryder in Beverly Hills, CA., signing and evolved clientele base to include industry giants such as: Apple, Absolut, America Online, Sierra On-Line, Activision, Trimark Interactive, Dark Horse Interactive, and Blender, among others.