Tom Walsh
Tom WalshCEO-Writer-Director-Producer

Tom Walsh is the Founder and CEO of TW3 Entertainment, Inc/ TW3 Studios and TW3 Music. He established TW3 to focus on creative original entertainment projects which take audiences to fantasy worlds that are unique and unlike anything viewers have ever experienced or imagined. These incredible worlds of TW3 are filled with newly created, colorful and memorable original creatures for audiences to meet. As the principal creator of all the fantastical and colorful worlds of the company motion picture, television and Virtual Reality entertainment projects, Walsh leads both the creative team and all project development at TW3 Entertainment. Tom has created over 320 original characters, built a character library of 480 original characters and created and wrote sixteen original motion picture, Virtual Reality, television, and streaming properties for TW3.

Tom Walsh supervised and managed production facilities, operations, creative staffs and production teams in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Beijing and Zhuhai, China.

Walsh’s Producing-Directing-Writing work ranges from computer animation motion pictures, live-action feature films, network prime-time comedy specials, Network daytime TV, to critically acclaimed video games, Virtual Reality entertainment (VR Films) and Music Producing.

Tom Walsh as the Director, Producer and Co-Writer completed production on the computer animation motion picture “Dwegons and Leprechauns” starring Academy Award Winner/Oscar Actress Melissa Leo. Under Tom Walsh’s direction, the movie’s final production budget came in approximately 16% under budget. Tom Walsh supervised and directed creative teams in both Los Angeles and China to complete production on the “Dwegons and Leprechauns” motion picture. The “Dwegons and Leprechauns” motion picture is distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Vertical Entertainment and in foreign markets by Multicom Entertainment Group.

Prior to his time at TW3 Entertainment and EnterAktion Studios, Tom Walsh was CEO of the motion picture company IDL, Inc. While there, Tom Walsh Co-Produced the feature film “Denial”, starring Robin Wright, Jason Patric, Rae Dawn Chong and David Duchovny. “Denial” was a “Martina Ritt/Tom Walsh – IDL Production”. Republic Pictures/ Paramount Home Entertainment released the movie domestically, with international distribution through Intercontinental Releasing Corporation. “Denial” was nominated at Sundance Film Festival “Grand Jury Prize- Dramatic” (Festival film title was then “Loon”). While also at IDL, Walsh optioned the Jim Thompson novel “After Dark My Sweet”. Tom Walsh supervised all creative development; turning this dark book into an exciting screenplay with writer Robert Redlin. Tom Walsh put an impressive talent package together for this project, (including actor Jason Patric, Rachel ward, Bruce Dern and Director Jamie Foley). The feature film package was successfully sold to Avenue Pictures, who produced this critically acclaimed motion picture.

Tom Walsh was the creator and Executive Producer of the ABC Television Network Comedy Special “We Dare You!” He also served as the Creator and Executive Producer of the NBC Television Network game show pilot “House to House”, and Creator/ Executive Producer of the Time-Life Television game show pilot “Mismatch”. Tom Walsh has created, wrote, produced and directed the following new Series pilots: “Andrea’s Listings” (comedy live action) “The Kernies” (animation), “14 Stories” (live action and Animation), “Newsoes” (Animation), “Kidsline” (live action and Animation), “World Wide Weapon” (Live Action) and “Seahawk” (live action/Reality)”. Walsh directed, produced, wrote the TV pilot “Tom Travis Show” (Live Action) for Global Point Productions, which was successfully sold as a TV series for PBS. For the Reality series, “Seahawk”, Tom Walsh implemented a production venture with U.S. Navy to board nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers while in actual operation, far out at sea on real missions. Tom Walsh personally received the highest security clearances given by the Defense Department, to produce this venture. Tom Walsh Directed and Produced the actual footage aboard U.S. Nuclear subs and Aircraft carriers in full operation during war time missions.

Tom Walsh Managed and Supervised as head of production, daily production/filming activities of an EnterAktion Studios Operation once based at the NBC Television Owned and Operated studio in Miami(Miramar) in a 2 year venture that included optical Motion Capture systems, one of the largest Hi -tech blue screen stages on the east coast, TV control room, computer animation department, four robotic broadcast cameras, 16 optical motion capture cameras, creature shop, special effects and post editing department. This EnterAktion Venture at NBC was launched to develop new cutting- edge television series utilizing 100% “Virtual Sets” composited with Live Action Actors and CGI characters. Tom Walsh at TW3 is using a new state-of-the-art production process called “Virtual Production” on its new fantasy world motion picture projects.

Additionally, with his production background also in video games, Walsh also produced for Live Entertainment and EnterAktion,”The Arrival” an elaborate video game which has been critically acclaimed. Over 400 environments were created for this game alone.
Tom Walsh has just completed co-writing a new screenplay called “Life in the Rearview Mirror” with all development funded by Albertsons Companies Foundation with plans for Tom Walsh to Direct and Produce. Tom Walsh has completed development on a new Hip Hop action adventure motion picture called “Swords of Justice” (a.k.a.”Black Sword”) based on an original story and characters by Tom Walsh that he will also Produce and Direct. Tom Walsh is also planning to Produce and Direct both a new family motion picture called “Hillside and Cupid”, co-written by Tom Walsh.

Tom Walsh also completed extensive development as the Writer-Producer on the motion picture and Original Series project “Losopolis”. Tom not only co-wrote the screenplay for this movie, but created the “Losopolis” fantasy world, key characters and original story as well supervising the completion of 5500 art storyboards. Tom Walsh as Producer finished development on the new family motion picture project, “Merry the Christmas Witch” based on the book of the same name. Tom Walsh recently Co-wrote the action fantasy screenplay “Legend of Sharkman” for Maui and Sons.

Tom Walsh is very experienced in production and producing and Directing in China having structured and launched several co-production Ventures with animation and motion picture companies in China. Walsh flew 300,000 miles to China on various China-U.S. production activities.

Tom Walsh also has a strong background in the world of music, having directed and produced numerous music videos, produced over 60 songs, co-wrote two full-length musicals as well the lyrics for numerous songs. Tom Walsh recorded and produced with Allan Landon, an album called “I Belong to the Sky” for techno-pop artist “Asher Brookz” that was released worldwide. Tom Walsh Directed and Produced four music videos and 20 different album teasers/video promos for the promotion of this album. Also Produced with renown composer Stephen Melillo, the recording sessions of an 86-piece orchestra in Sophia Bulgaria for a film score and theme song.

Tom Walsh is also very experienced in motion Picture licensing including launching and implementing in the past years all of the merchandising for the “Halloween” movie and the “Michael Myers” character. Tom successfully negotiated many on-going agreements for long term merchandising and licensing agreements with companies such as Spencer Gifts Inc and Paper Magic Company / CSS Industries Inc.

Tom Walsh received his BFA Degree in Film and Television from New York University (Tisch School of the Arts). While at NYU film school, he was the recipient of the yearly “Helena Rubinstein Scholar of the Arts” receiving a scholarship as well as winning the yearly Kate Garland Award from Columbia Pictures and NYU Film for writing, directing and producing of the documentary film “The Whole Truth” distributed internationally by Films Inc. Tom Walsh trained professionally in all areas of production at NBC Television at 30 Rockefeller Plaza (30 Rock) for 3 years while going to NYU film school (working under several renown Emmy winning directors).