Project Description

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A Live Action motion picture, a new Media virtual World. Game App, Video game and theme park attraction

The “Metropolitan Tower” might look like a typical old grand skyscraper, but this towering Gothic structure is anything but typical. Located in the heart of an ordinary city, this mysterious old skyscraper, contains countless secrets. It looks harmless enough but an ordinary visit to this apartment building will be nothing like you could ever imagine!

You see, the “Metropolitan Tower” is more than just an apartment building. If you can find the freight elevator, Edgardo, the eerie eccentric elevator operator, will transport you through an elevator portal into the building’s “parallel world” called “Losopolis” containing an infinite amount of unique worlds filled with exotic locales. ….

16-year-old Kyra and her 15-year-old brother Brennan must spend a few days at their grandmother’s while their mother is away on a business trip.  However, their ordinary visit to grandma’s apartment in the Metropolitan Tower soon becomes extraordinary when they realize their mother has mysteriously vanished in this building!  Through the help of elevator operator, Edgardo, the teens stumble upon an entirely different universe filled with wild and imaginative characters.  This is one adventure that is sure to be unparalleled to any you have been on before.

Think of Losopolis as “The Wizard of Oz” meets “Harry Potter”, all located in the “Twilight Zone!

In addition to the screenplay being completed and 5500 storyboards completed, over 120 characters have been fully created, designed and prototypes fully built for the various Losopolis fantasy worlds. Over 25 worlds have been specifically designed for this unique project.  The motion picture will be live action actors in Digital CGI environments/Sets.

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